Dog Obedience Classes

Beginning Dog TrainingPlease ignore the DATE for the Wait List, it is a place holder only- Prerequisites for class:  Dog must be 4 months of age or older. The cost is $150 for the 6 week basic training class in which we help you learn how to train your dog. You will learn how to get your dog to sit, down, stay, come when called away from distraction and walk on a loose leash.  We also help you learn methods to prevent or correct problem behavior. After completion, the next class in progression is Intermediate Dog Training.

Intermediate Dog Training – Prerequisites:  Completion of Beginning Dog Training Class or Instructor Approval. This 5-week class follows Beginning Dog Training or Agile-Lite (with instructor approval).  Intermediate Dog Training enhances your ability to communicate effectively with your canine partner.  Whether you have your eye on future competition or just want to help your dog be safe on outings away from home, this class will increase reliability around distraction and teach the dog a more reliable stay and recall.

Rally Obedience – Prerequisites: Completion of Beginning Dog Training or Instructor Approval. This class utilizes a numbered course and signs with a variety of exercises. It is a wonderful addition to traditional obedience and other canine sports. You are allowed to talk, praise and encourage the dog through the course. Rally Obedience provides an excellent introduction to canine competition for new dogs and handlers or opportunity for experienced competitors to strengthen their skills.

Beginning Dog Training

Beginning Dog Training Wait List

Intermediate Dog Training Class

Intermediate Dog Training Wait List

Rally Obedience

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