Kindergarten Puppy Training

Puppies must be born AFTER April 22nd to qualify for the July 22nd class!!!

New classes will be posted about once a month. Please ignore the DATE on the Wait List as it is just a place holder!

Get your new puppy friend started right! Puppies need to be socialized with other dogs and lots of different humans. Early socialization helps prevent many future behavior problems from occurring and gets your puppy started on the path to being an enjoyable companion that is welcome anywhere.

The cost is $100 for the four week session that focuses on socialization of your puppy. The first class meeting is lecture for puppy owners without your pup! The rest of the classes consist of controlled social interactions, exposure to new situations, basic puppy manners and problem prevention techniques.

There will be a socialization exercise, exposure to challenging situations (wheeled vehicles, obstacles, and scent work) and handling and training exercises each week.


Puppies must be born AFTER April 22nd to qualify for the July 22nd class and have started their vaccination series by a veterinarian at least 10 days prior to starting classes.  Vaccination records are required at first class meeting.


Classes are held at the Canine Academy, 13655 San Antonio Rd., Atascadero. Please contact Eileen at with any questions.