Scent Work Classes –

Spring Session is FULL. Add your name to the Wait List to be notified when classes open.

Scent Work 1 Class – This class is meant to give you a glimpse of the amazing ability that your canine friend has searching for different odors. We will be introducing 3 different scents, working on obedience to odor and drive to search. We will be using positive reinforcement to teach these behaviors. Any dog can participate, and it is especially rewarding for older dogs that can’t be as physically active as they used to be.

Scent Work 2/3 Class – Prerequisite: Completion of Scent Work 1 Class or instructor approval. This class is for dogs that are already on odor and are able to search in different locations and with some distractions. We will be working on obedience to odor, while adding more challenging searches. We will focus on being able to read your dog and teach them how to offer a focused indication for the correct hide.

If your desired class is full, you may add yourself to the wait list, which is at the bottom of the list of classes. You will be notified when the next class is scheduled.